SharePoint Server 2010 Limits and Boundaries

When you are designing and architecting solutions based on SharePoint you need to be aware of the various limits and boundaries that exist either because of the underlying platform design or the physical and practical limits of the operating system, network and hardware. You can find a large number of these by reading the Capacity Management article on TechNet. I have tried to commit these to memory, but I always forget, or get them mixed up. Can I have 300 web applications per content database, or is it the other way round (yes, it is)? Hence this quick reference.

Most of these limits have been determined by building a test lab and load testing the test environment to measure performance at various levels of load. Sometimes performance drops quite suddenly at some threshold, but usually these limits represent a point at which the performance will start to gradually degrade. In some cases there is a "supported limit" which means that this is the extent to which it has been tested - beyond this the behaviour of the system is unknown and that is why it is unsupported - you are on your own.

Ultimately, most of these limits are guidelines, and are affected by other factors in your computing environment such as hardware scale and performance. If you really need 4 TB content databases, then build a test environment, preferably using production hardware. Check that you get adequate throughput, and that you are able to back it up in a reasonable time that meets your operational requirements.

I will endeavour to keep this information up-to-date and accurate as guidance changes. If you find an error, please contact me.

300Content DatabaseWeb ApplicationSupported
5ZoneWeb ApplicationHard
20Managed PathWeb ApplicationThreshold
300MB InfoPath Solution CacheWeb ApplicationSupported
250000Site CollectionWeb ApplicationSupported
10Application PoolWeb ServerRecommended
60000000List ItemContent DatabaseSupported
2000Site CollectionContent DatabaseRecommended
5000Site CollectionContent DatabaseSupported
100GBSite CollectionRecommended
8kBList RowHard
30000000DocumentDocument LibrarySupported
400000Major VersionDocument LibrarySupported
400000Major VersionListSupported
30000000List ItemListSupported
6Table RowList ItemSupported
100List ItemBulk OperationHard
8Join OperationQuerySupported
1000Security ScopeListSupported
25Web PartPageRecommended
5000Security PrincipalAccess Control List (ACL)Supported
20Search Service ApplicationFarmSupported
10Crawl DatabaseSearch Service ApplicationThreshold
25000000ItemCrawl DatabaseSupported
16Crawl ComponentSearch Service ApplicationThreshold
20Index PartitionSearch Service ApplicationThreshold
100000000Indexed ItemSearch Service ApplicationRecommended
100000000Crawl Log EntrySearch Service ApplicationSupported
10Property DatabaseSearch Service ApplicationThreshold
128Query ComponentSearch Service ApplicationThreshold
100Scope RuleScopeThreshold
600Scope RuleSearch Service ApplicationSupported
200ScopeSearch Service ApplicationThreshold
25Display GroupSite CollectionThreshold
1000000AlertSearch Service ApplicationSupported
50Content SourceSearch Service ApplicationThreshold
100Start AddressContent SourceThreshold
500000Crawled PropertySearch Service ApplicationSupported
100Crawler Impact RuleFarmRecommended
100Crawl RuleSearch Service ApplicationRecommended
100000Managed PropertySearch Service ApplicationThreshold
100Property MappingManaged PropertyThreshold
100URL RemovalOperationSupported
1Authoratative PageSearch Service ApplicationRecommended
200KeywordSite CollectionSupported
2000000User ProfileService ApplicationSupported
500000000Social Tag, Note or RatingDatabaseSupported
5000Blog PostWeb SiteSupported
1000CommentBlog PostSupported
1Term StoreService ApplicationHard
1000Term SetTerm StoreSupported
30000TermTerm SetSupported
1000000TermTerm StoreSupported
50MBVisio Web DrawingThreshold
250000Web SiteSite CollectionSupported
500OWA UserWeb Front-end ServerSupported
2OWA Worker ProcessCPU CoreSupported
100000Host-header Site CollectionWeb ApplicationSupported
500000000Indexed ItemFAST Search Service ApplicationSupported
10000UserWeb Front-end ServerTypical Value
100IOPSDisk SpindleProvision
10IOPSRPSTypical Value
5UserIOPSTypical Value
10000000Indexed ItemServerSupported
20000List ItemList ViewRecommended
5000List ItemList ViewRecommended
10000GroupSite CollectionSupported
15WorkflowContent DatabaseThreshold
2000Web SiteSite ViewRecommended
999999TBContent DatabaseSupported
30000SharePoint EntityFarmSupported
20CrawlSearch Service ApplicationThreshold
200GBContent DatabaseRecommended
4TBContent DatabaseSupported
2GBCPU CoreTypical Value
4GBCPU CoreRecommendedMinimum
150MBUserTypical Value
2000000UserSite CollectionRecommended
4WFE CoreSQL CoreTypical Value

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